Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I was having wine with Angelina Jolie and eating bread & butter....

...until I woke up!

I was having the most fabulous dream! I was having a discussion with Angelina over the "fall of our school system" over a bottle of sweet, red wine, while feasting on scrumptious, crusty bread slathered with butter.

I am on day 11 of my juice fast :)...

Actually, I am feeling good. Yes, every once in a while, I crave my favorites, but that is my head, not my body, calling. Without counting calories, or staying on the Reboot schedule, I have lost 8lbs sofar, 3.5 inches off my waist. I eat or juice when I am hungry, which is getting less and less.

I had a day lapse in journal (which prompted emails from my concerned friends, to make sure I was still standing. Love ya!), but am trying to keep track of both the intake of food, as well as the thoughts this food adventure is triggering. You can view it here if you wish.

My family seems to suffer more than me. My kids, as we LOVE to eat together. I keep hearing: "Mama, I am sorry you can't eat!", or "I can't wait until you are off this juice fast so we can eat!". You would think I am making them juice! But, it is a switch for the family, and I think I will dedicate a post to that alone. Our experiences, what I cooked, etc.



  1. Hi, I found your blog by way of MJF new Girl Gab site. I thought I might visit everyone on the list! Yikes!
    I have had a lovely look and read around your blog have enjoyed my visit.
    Juicing is fabulous. I have done it on and off throughout life. I wish you the very best with your goals for this fast and hope you feel great when you are done.

  2. Hi Terri!
    Thanks for stopping by :). I went to visit your blog, and did on the best day! I love tea cups, and enjoyed looking at yours. I have an "oddes & end" teacup collection myself :).