Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rotkraut-Should be Lilakraut

Certain dishes always invoke spirits of  my passed loved ones.

Rotkraut, or red cabbage, definitely brings my daddy into my kitchen. Every time I make it :). I can see him standing there in his undershirt, cigarette dangling in his mouth, waiting for the cabbage to have smoldered to JUST the right point to add water. :)....

Red Cabbage is usually around in the fall, and for me it is just a fall food. Though I buy red cabbage in the summer, it goes into slaw and is eaten raw.

Here is my recipe:

1 red cabbage
1 onion
Bacon fat, or vegetable shortening (I save bacon fat, and it is what I use for taste)
Bay leaves
1 sour apple

Chop your onion and brown in the fat. While they are browning, cut your cabbage in four quarters and cut out the strunk (trunk?). Slice the cabbage into strips, but not too thin. Once the onions are brown, start adding the cabbage to the pot.

A NOTE: make sure you use a big pot. The cabbage cooks down, but it needs room, because:

You want to "smolder" the cabbage until all of it is soft. Do not add water until the cabbage is soft from smoldering in the fat.

Add salt, pepper, cloves, and bay leaves, and stir. Add about 2-3 cups of water. You don't want to cover the cabbage, but want to give it enough water to slowly cook without burning.

Cut your apple into wedges and lay on top of your cabbage. Do not stir. Cover, and cook on very low heat for about 90 minutes. When it is done, the apple will be soft and you can stir it in.

You can season the cabbage with a little sugar & apple cider vinegar, if preferred :).

Enjoy, and wave at my daddy when you are cooking!
Much love,