Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kiss my Fig......

A few years ago, I planted a purple fig that was hung with future wishes of a new moon goddess circle :).

The wishes have since blown in the wind, but the fig tree is thriving. It is still small, but is producing like crazy. I have always had a bond with fig trees, I love the smell of the leaves, and their beautiful shape.

Most of all, I LOVE their fruit.

I am a fig ninja. I can eat figs until I drop. It is a an addiction....actually, I don't stop till I drop :). The season is short, so...............

I love the figs plain, mine usually make it from my tree to my mouth. That is is good thing, as figs do not travel well once they are picked. I have not had enough left for fig jam, but if you are lucky to have a friend with an abundance of figs...jam is heavenly on fresh, buttered bread.

Here is a quickie, delicious:

Cut open a fig, spread with greek joghurt or goat cheese (my favorite version, but I did not have any handy), drizzle with raw honey.

While you are enjoying this heavenly snack, you can delve into fig lore on this fab blog I found:
"Fig Trees have had starring roles in some of the world’s great religious, historic and mythical dramas. The fig tree is noted as the Tree of Life and Knowledge from Central Africa to the Far East."...Gypsy Magic: Fig Trees-Legend & Lore