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These are some of herbals I make for my family & friends with love in my witchy kitchen. I have made extra batches are am offering them for a donation. You can message me at info38@goddessinthegroove.com to order/reserve some. If you need them sent by mail, they will fit in a larger envelope (tinctures are a bit more, since they are in glass bottles), so the shipping cost is minimal. Suggested donations are listed. Shipping is listed when the shipping price is always the same. Inventory is limited :). Please see below for some FAQ's.


And now to the goodies:
When you order, I transfer the tea into a plastic baggie with ingredients & instructions. This makes for better & cheaper shipping. I do recommend putting the tea in a glass jar, or a tea tin in the dark when you receive it.

Roasted Root Tea
I mix & roast each batch by hand, while I sing a little magic song of AWESOME! This tea is one of my favorites, its' deep rooty taste just makes you want to sit down and dream. It is calming, balancing, & nourishing. Ingredients are: Dandelion Root (supports the liver), Wild Yam (antisposmodic & tonic), Cinnamon (digestive), Burdock Root (Blood purifier and good for circulation), Chicory (tonic, digestive), Ginger Root (digestive & wonderful for the stomach), Sarsaparilla (inflammations, tonic), Vitex  (hormone balance).

4oz.  Suggested donation: $8-10

PLEASE NOTE*If you are not familiar with these herbs, I recommend taking a moment to read up on them and learn about all their fabulous qualities. By reserving an herbal and donating, you agree that you have read the ingredient list and are aware that I am not a medical practitioner. If you are taking any medications, you should consult your physician before taking herbs.

1. Do you use organic ingredients?
Yes, unless otherwise noted.

2. Why are you suggesting donations and not giving away these wonderful healing yummies?
Even "I" cannot pay my bills with Kombucha or tea :). Please be assured that all the items offered are cared for, fed, mixed, blessed, and packaged with love, and they will bring you much enjoyment. I keep the "suggested donation" to a minimum to at least cover my costs. If you cannot afford something, but feel it will make your life happier, message me and we will work something out.

3. How fast do you ship?
Between 1-3 business days.

4. What payment do you accept?
PayPal is preferred, or cash if you are local. I also accept buffalo hide as a trade.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to message me at info38@goddessinthegroove.com.

Available again soon!

Gypsy Tea
Kids love this too, with honey. Much better than medications, you can sip your sickness away, breathe in the clearing scent of mint & elder. Wonderful pungent & penetrating mix of tea for the cold season. Will help clear stuffiness, and will promote "sweating". Also wonderful for an evening tea when coming in from the cold :). All organic ingredients. Peppermint, Yarrow, Elder. 3 oz.

Spirit Cleanser :)
This is a great tea to take while you are renewing...supports the blood and the digestion system  (this is NOT a cleanse!).  This tea is available sporadically, and ingredients vary :). Please email me if you are interested, and I will let you know about availability & current ingredients.

Herb Health
This wonderful tea is a fabulous all over pick me up! Can be enjoyed warm or cold. Fabulous Tonic for women. I brew it for myself & my  kids, it gives them vitamins & minerals, and they drink it throughout the day instead of juice :). All ingredients organic, except noted. Red Clover, Damiana, Strawberry, Sweet Woodruff, Fennel. 3-4 oz

This fabulous mix is perfect for every women or teenager. Minerals for the body & soul. Wonderful daily infusion for teenagers to help them clear their skin. A daily must have for Goddess bodies :).  All organic ingredients. Nettles, Oatstraw, Horsetail. 3-4 oz.

LemonBalm Tincture
Made from organic LemonBalm from my garden :). I was graced with her a few years ago, and she has been spreading the love ever since! LemonBalm is never sprayed with anything, picked in the morning, dried in the sun & air, and then tinctured with love in 80 proof vodka. Repurposed (sterilized) tincture bottles. 1 oz

Sleepy Vodka
My favorite :)....for night time or relaxing stressed nerves. Valerian & Skullcap, tinctured for at least 6 weeks in 100 proof vodka. 1 oz

Elderberry Syrup (made to order while my supplies last, email me for details).
Organic Elderberries, local honey, cinnamon, cloves, fresh ginger, anise :). Yummy goodness for your immune system. Made in small batches, no preservatives. Fight flu & colds, or take as a preventative.

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