Monday, April 8, 2013

1 chicken = 3 meals

Until recently, I did  not know you can "roast" a chicken in a crockpot.

I know, right?? Where have I been?

Now that I know, a chicken has a hard time escaping my crock pot, one of my FAVORITE kitchen utensils.

Just in case I am not the only who has been devoid of the chicken secret, I am posting this fabulous way to make 3 meals out of one chicken......while shooting the breeze (or reading a book, or playing on Facebook...).

First meal:
Cut one onion, cover the bottom of crock. Wash chicken. Remove any gizzards, and put them in the
crock. Stuff chicken with an organic lemon, and any herbs you have. I love rosemary, thyme, and marjoran, and they love me by growing abundantly here :). Rub chicken with salt & pepper, or garam masala. Cook on high for 6-8 hours. Check with thermometer for doneness.....poultry should reach at least 165 degrees.

Eat wonderful, juicy chicken, but keep all the bones. Put any chicken left overs in a glass jar in fridge for tomorrow!


yummy stock
Put all your bones back in the crock, with whatever is left in there (lemon, gizzards, herbs). Add some garlic and celery. Put in some wine, if you like.  Fill with water to top, and let cook on low overnight at least, longer is ok.

Third, and second meal:
Strain fabulous chicken stock. Give your dog any gritty knuckles and gizzards :).

Heat in pot with some cream and make thickish sauce. Add chicken leftover meat. Add some kapers, salt n' pepper, and fresh parsley. Serve over rice, noodles, or make dumplings. Server with green salad. Mmmmmm.

Fourth, and third meal:

Saute' some onions. Add turmeric and let soak into onions a bit....before everything burns, fill up with rest of chicken stock. Add some sliced carrots, green onions, and noodles (we like rice vermicelli from the Asian store :)..). When everything is done, whisk up 2-3 fresh eggs, and add to boiling soup. Stir quick until eggs 'shreds". Sprinkle with some fresh parsley or cilantro, and a side of fresh bread.


1 chicken = 3 meals. Can't beat that!