Sunday, January 15, 2012

The first day of eating bananas instead of biscuits

I decided to start juicing today instead of tomorrow. Today was a quiet, lazy day for us, so it seemed perfect to test how my body would react :).

Even though I feel that I read & prepared myself, I really am not. The Reboot gives GREAT guidelines & daily menus, but many of the items are not in season now, so I have to alternate.

That brings me to something I did not consider. The cost of juicing. Now, we eat lots of fruit & veggies anyways, and I usually buy organic or receive it from friends & neighbors. With the amount of fruit & veggies you need for one juice, this is just not going to do it. So I have gone through the recipes and found things that will incorporate what is in season here now. Mainly: Kale, carrots, apples (not really in season, but readily available), oranges & other citrus, greens, salad, parsley, beets, kiwi. I was able to get lots of kale & carrots at the farmer's market for a $1 a bunch/bag. So I stocked up, came home and washed and prepped them in Tupperware or bags.

I also did not consider the quandary this would put me in. I am proponent of buying local, but may have to go to Costco to buy apples, spinach, etc in bulk, otherwise I will have to starve. I also don't eat soy products, but will have to eat some tofu occasionally to bulk up my salads. The tofu may only be for the first few days while I get used to not eating my yummy bread, cheese, cheese, cheese...did I say cheese? No animal products, which also takes away my raw milk, joghurt, and butter. I don't mind not eating meat, but the bread & dairy...they are a huge part of my normal diet.

I will post occasionally while I wander the road of better health. If you want to see what I am doing daily, with weight, MOODS, :), etc, you can view my doc journal at (this is on Google, you will have to have a Google account to view it. If you don't, just send me note and I can email you.).


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