Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 5 of no coffee, bread & pasta, and I am still standing :)

I am on day 5 of my juicing/eating adventure, and so far, so good. I had some pain issues, but you can read all about that at .

I am finding some things I really like to eat, and am not feeling "deprived" at all. Not drinking coffee is not such a big deal....not eating pasta & bread is. My daughter, whom I love, seems to be on a baking spree too, which does not make things easier.

I just made humus for the first time in my life :). Amazing, since it is so simple. It was delicious.

Here you go:

1 can of garbanzo beans (I am sure dry beans will be even better. I will start cooking more to put some aside for hummus).
1 clove of garlic
Lemon juice (I squeezed a half a lemon)
Olive Oil (about 3-4 tblsp, or more, to keep it creamy)
Turmeric & Paprika to taste

Whir it UP! Enjoy!


  1. I managed to buy a whole fruit smoothie today instead of the Coke that I really wanted...omg, that was hard! The smoothie had a lot of sugar, but mostly natural and no chemicals in the smoothie so obviously the better (but more expensive!) choice. And, as I was drinking it, I felt better than if I'd had the Coke. But still...

    I made hummus the other day, but the recipe wasn't the best. It is a roasted red pepper hummus, and I need to try again with different amounts of beans to liquids.

    I have a raw avocado soup recipe somewhere that I want to share with you...when I find it, I'll be back with it in a comment! Do you like avocados....?

  2. Malea! Congratulations! It is a first step. Yes, it is true that the smoothies are usually loaded with sugar, but it is still better that Coke :). You know, it is a taste conditioning. I don't drink soda I can't even go near coke or pepsi, it does not taste good to me, way too sweet. Now, when I get a sugar low, and a sugar craving, I go and buy myself an icecold Dr. Pepper! In a cup, with ice, never a bottle :)...
    With all the concoctions, like humus, smoothies, is an experiment every time. There are things I LOVE, and some not so much. I just bought roasted tomatoes to make humus with!!! :)...

    Yes, please do post the avocado soup recipe. I love avocados, they get me through the "hungries" now.