Saturday, May 22, 2010

Drying the bounty

My backyard has herb fairies that come and drop off plants while I sleep :).

I have borage back there that comes every year with a vengeance. It has white blooms that taste like cucumbers....and prickly leaves that only taste good when you use them as younglings. No one knows where the mama plant came from, but now it grows everywhere, even in the leftover grass/weed (I call it grass/weed, it is mostly weed. I am taking it out as I go...).

Then there is Ms. Lemonbalm. Her babies are growing out of every crack where there is even a sliver a dirt. Funny, these herbs need absolutely no nudging. I had so much last summer that I began trying different techniques to harvest & store. I have found now that the best way is to hang it up and let it dry, even though it is said the Lemonbalm does not dry well. Mine does.

Then there is spearmint, mint, oregano, chamomille, and arugula. All of them have found their way into our lives :). They forgive my sporadic watering plan, and grow abundantly for me. I think they know I love them ...

Last year I dug up a little mugwort plant on a walk by the river. This too is now popping up all over the place, except where I planted it.

Once they have settled in, these beautiful herbs have a mind of their own.....

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