Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chilly 'Maters

A few weeks ago, I was sweating like a dog in the desert, fearing the upcoming summer months. As I was working through my distaste of our sweltering summer to come, I happily planted my tomatoes and cucumbers after the last official frost day.

What the heck is happening???

My poor little tomatoes are going through some serious climate shock, and dropping all their blossoms.

Temps are dropping back to low 50's over night, and sofar only the super hardy cherry tomatoes and green zebras are surviving. All my heirlooms have the shivers and a dropping their blossoms like hot potatoes :(.

My kiwi plant looks like I fed it some Miracle grow, and I am not sure the trellis patio cover I built last summer is going to hold it up. It seems to be thriving in this late season chilliness.......


  1. :( Not cool! I normally love the rain and mild weather but even I am feeling like enough is enough! I was really worried for a while that our garden wasn't in yet. Now, I'm thinking that it is probably a good thing that we never got around to it. :(

    Hopefully some of your plants will recover!

  2. Malea,
    you may be better off! I just put in one new tomato plant, and it seems ok.