Monday, May 24, 2010

Anticipating this full moon, and the Gypsy Secret to beautiful hands.....

I was not surprised to find this old secret in one of my "gypsy" books :). I did laugh, because you can buy the preservative laden alternative in many cute little mall cosmetic stores.

The Gypsy women, and now us Garden Witches, are rough on their hands...and this little recipe will take out even the stubborn dirt, and make them smooth.

In a small bowl, put in some extra virgin olive oil. Now, either add some sugar or sea salt to make a thickish paste. Rub this all over your hands, massaging it in while you visualize taking care of the beautiful hands that sustain you :).

Rinse off. Voila!

The next full moon happens to fall on my birthday this year :). I am so excited, as I have some wonderful new things to unveil as the moon grows again.

Doing a full body salt scrub on a full moon night is an excellent way to honor your body, and "wash away" anything that may hinder you in fulfilling your goals.

I like to turn this into a relaxing ritual, in a bathroom lit by candles. If you don't live in suburbia, you could do this outside by the light of the moon :). Make a big bowl of olive oil and sea salt (use sea salt, a gift from the ocean rather than table salt). Start with your right foot, work up the leg, and just slowly massage in the scrub as you visualize the things/people that no longer serve you or make your life HAPPY. Then go right foot, leg, left arm, right arm, belly and chest (be gently around the breast area). If you are dexterous, massage your back too!

Then step into the shower, make the water warm and rinse away the salt, watching all that needs to go wash down the drain :). Turn the water as cool as you can stand, and rinse once more (I like to visualize myself standing under a waterfall!). This closes the pores, and "finalizes" the ritual.

Pat dry, put on some comfy clothes, or go to bed naked :)...

Much love,


  1. I will be doing this....sounds wonderful!+

  2. **love.** i am "due" with my 2nd child on the 29th, and ive been wondering if she'd prefer to be a full moon baby...we shall see.

    either way i think this would be a perfect moon celebration. thanks for sharing.

  3. Congratulations!! A full moon baby...what a fabulous way to start life on with Mother Earth :). Pamper yourself, mama...but don't massage to hard :). Blessings to you and your little moon baby.....