Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Imbolc - Modern ploughing of the "fields"

If I were already on my "farm", I would be finished feeding and milking the animals, and my children would be out in a pack today, going from door to door with a decorated plough, collecting small tokens & goodwill. Don't refuse them....


Happy Imbolc.

Excerpt from on St. Brigid:
"Another traditional symbol of Imbolc is the plough. In some areas, this is the first day of ploughing in preparation of the first planting of crops. A decorated plough is dragged from door to door, with costumed children following asking for food, drinks, or money. Should they be refused, the household is paid back by having its front garden ploughed up. In other areas, the plough is decorated and then Whiskey, the "water of life" is poured over it. Pieces of cheese and bread are left by the plough and in the newly turned furrows as offerings to the nature spirits. It is considered taboo to cut or pick plants during this time."

I love whiskey.... Instead, I am sitting in front of my computer in Subfarmia, perusing the wonderful seed catalogs (some of these are just beautiful works of art.), and getting ready to plant my trash can potatoes.

Happy ploughing!


  1. Oooo! I will be excited to see how these turn out! I've often wondered how well this works. :)
    (countrykim on MJ Chatroom)

  2. Me too :). Kim, I will report!