Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Banishing the PASTA, because it gets on my nerves.

I made a few Samhain promises to myself (for new beginnings) that I will surely regret sooner than later.

For at least 4 weeks, I will refrain from eating white sugar (I don't eat much anyways, but occasionally...), and white flour (this will kill me). I love pasta. I can eat pasta three times a day, without any fancy topping.

I have tried whole wheat pasta (yech...), brown rice pasta (acceptable taste, but do not like the consistancy), and rice pasts (great for soups, not so great for solid food). My friends have suggested trying different brands of wheat pasta, so I will do that.

Why do I torture myself??

I am currently on a healing journey. For those who don't know: I was a in a car accident 19 years ago that smashed my bottom 5 vertebra. It also tore of some other vital strains of nerves, but some of them are coming back with a vengeance. After 1 year of suffering pain and not sleeping (thus my all nighters, my body is used to it), I tried Acupuncture. I helped while I was at the office. Now, I take pain meds when necessary (in other words, when I want to sleep). Since I refuse to do this my whole life, I am on a journey of healing. was a long explanation :).

There are several things in this circle of healing:
1. Eliminating all stress factors (yep, that means people too. Love 'em..but..)
2. Eliminating foods that may cause inflammations
3. Regular exercise.
4. Sleep training (yawn)
5. Daily infusions of Nerve/Calcium Mix (same parts Oatstraw, Nettle, Horsetail...prepare as infusion. Thank you, Rosemary Gladstar!
6. Daily infusions of blood cleansing tea.
7. SLEEPING!! No sleep is such a strain on nerves. Both mental & physical.

Good night, sweet ones.


  1. Wishing you success! Lots of "bread-like" recipes so you don't go crazy found at my office's website ( They keep me content when i decide I've had enough grain-induced inflammation. Made yummy sundried tomato flaxmeal foccacia bread tonight. Maybe I can bring you some grain-free, sugarless goodies? And I know it's not pasta as we know it, but shiritake noodles may satisfy if you start to jones ; ) Maybe a potluck is in order?

  2. I would love that!! A potluck sounds fabulous, but what should I bring?? :)

    Do you find noticable differences when you stay away from grains? I wonder if fermenting the dough for 18 hours makes a difference in my bread, as it consists mainly of white flour. Adding too much rye makes it flop :(.