Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am in bread heaven...

When I got this book at the library, I was a skeptic.

No knead bread, made in the oven, then looks like THAT?? No way.

Next, the prep. Really, only about 5 minutes, yet it has to ferment, yes ferment, for at least 12 hours.

This will be a very short post. All I can say is do yourself a favor and TRY IT! This is officially my favorite bread book now. It does take some planning, but you will figure it out. Look at this beautiful bread....

This is my second try. I just ate half the bread out of the oven, and my kids will probably reprimand me in the morning when they look for that "yummy smelling" bread mama was baking :).

Check out the book:


I made the basic recipe. I would post it, but it comes with very detailed instructions, just too long to type. I also encourage you to buy/borrow the book, as the illustrated instructions are very helpful.

Enjoy!! Happy baking....


  1. Hi! This sounds like fun! Are there recipes for whole grain bread, or do they only recommend bread with white flour?
    Looks delicious! : )

    I'm in Sacramento now. Would love to get together and make some kitchen magic with you when we get out from under all these boxes!


  2. Tiffanie!
    How wonderful! Email me at heikesharp (at) gmail.com.

    So, the book says to practice the "base" recipe, ie. white bread, first before venturing on. There are wheat and rye, as well as many other yummy recipes. I have made this bread 7 times, each time with a different texture, size, etc. So strange. I think I make it the same, yet the water content, rise time, and general kitchen mojo always give me a different bread.

    I will make one or two more, then venture on to rye, which is my fav. I am not a fan of white bread, but must say that this tastes fabulous, especially with homemade jam or raw honey :).