Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What else can I ferment????

A few weeks ago I began my fermenting adventure with Kraut :)...finally. "Wild Fermentation" inspires me to ferment everything I can get my hands on...veggies, fruits, dairy, sourdough.....

I am partaking in the "Preserving the Bounty" challenge at The Nourished Kitchen. If you need ideas, check out their great recipes, one of my favorite is Raw Milk Yoghurt. I have raw milk sitting on my window sill as I type, I wonder what it will turn into? This week, they are hosting a fabulous contest for all beginning fermenters :)!!

If I win, I am going to ferment peaches and try to make my favorite: Moonshine :).


  1. Ooooh that looks cool, I'm going to spend time looking at that website. Moonshine?? Huhu...you'll let me taste right?

  2. Of course, you can be my "objective" taster :). I have kefir grains to share, and sauerkraut to taste....will trade you for figs :).

  3. Hi! You don't know me yet, but: I think we're friends! :-)
    My family and I are getting ready to move from Berkeley to Sac, so I joined the SUNetwork discussion list (dd almost 2). I have been reading for a few days and saw a comment from you with links to your website that caught my interest. I am interested in so many of the same things you are! When I got to your food blog I just knew it, as I am a fermentation lover and herbal experimenter in the wise woman tradition. I'll stop there bc my phone is having trouble posting this!
    I look forward to meeting witching cooking etc.

  4. Oh and then I saw that you love Wild Fermentation, raw milk yogurt, and are following the Nourished Kitchen. Yeah. We're friends. :-)

  5. Tiffanie!
    Welcome to my world :)!!! You are right, we do have a strange synchronicity going on...I just went to your wonderful blog, and you are posting about scrap fruit vinegar. I just pulled out a bowl of over-ripe plums, and was not savouring cooking them down. I will make vinegar! Coincidence has it that I found some very beautiful bottles at the thrift store. Perfect for giving away.

    I do look forward to meeting you in person, though I must warn you that I think Berkely to Sacramento will be a culture shock :). I am still not acclimated, even after 15 years. SUN is a great group of people, and there are many great places to go to be with Mother Earth :).

    We are foraging figs by the river tomorrow....unless my friends who live there have beaten me to it, LOL!