Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Kraut is making 'kraut :)

I have been contemplating making Sauerkraut for a long time. For one thing, we love it...especially on hot links. I also know what good Sauerkraut tastes like, since, yes, I am really born and raised German :).

Last week my favorite hardware store was having a "25% off everything that fits in your cart" sale, and that beautiful crock I have been fondling every time I go just jumped right in there.

At about the same time I signed up to join the "Preserve the Bounty" challenge(d) at The Nourished Kitchen. Normally not one to join such committed adventures, :), I was hooked when I read that we will be preserving the old fashioned way, with Mother Nature. As long as it is edible when I am done, without too much dirt from grubby little hands that can never stay way, I am good.

Imagine my delight when the first week's challenge is announced: FERMENTATION!! That is serendipity.

So, my friends, I am making Sauerkraut in my beautiful crock. And I am going to share with you. It is quite simple, yet you should really check out Wild Fermentation. Sandor Elix Katz is quite entertaining, and he makes it all look very easy. Though the site is very comprehensive, I ordered his book.

First, chop up about 5lbs of cabbage. I used red and green, because I want pretty PINK sauerkraut.

As I put the cabbage in the crock, I sprinkle it with sea salt and stomp it down with my firs to release the water in the cabbage. I add salt as I layer. Very therapeutic...

Voila'! Weigh it down with a plate (though I will make myself a round wooden cover soon) and a large glass jar or gallon milk jug.

Now you just need to check it, and keep down the pressure. Check out Sandor's site for details. I will post as it progresses.

Happy fermenting!

P.S. If you are German, and take offense to the word "Kraut" (and yes, I was called one as I was growing up with military kids), please don't. I say it with pride & love :).


  1. love kraut. love wild fermentation. nothing like eating your own.

  2. Herb Mother...we keep "testing" to see if it is done. Next time, I will start with more, as I am not sure there will be any left once it is properly sour :).

  3. ohhh sweetie! So glad to have found you! You really have to come over to the two for tuesday recipe blog hop and start participating because in the near future a few sisters of real food will be introducing a foraging and herbal remedy challenge monthly and you are just the type of goddess to participate! I grabbed your feed and am following! you can see the latest blog hop here: look forward to seeing you! I also adore sauerkraut! Will tweet this entry for you! Alex@amoderatelife

  4. Alex! Welcome! I visited your blog, and immediately found myself traveling around :). The challenge sounds fabulous, right up my alley.
    Thank you for passing me on, sister :).

  5. Alex was right, this is a great addition to Two for happy you shared it this week. Killer crock!

  6. Welcome, Girlichef, and thank you :).

  7. Ooooh, crock envy! Katz is amazing. Thanks for linking up with T4T. I love the spirit of your blog :)

  8. Yah Heike! So glad you linked up to the two for tuesday recipe blog hop! As soon as i have more information on the foraging/folk remedy challenge I will be in touch! :) Alex

  9. Welcome, Butterpoweredbike! I got my crock at my favorite small hardware store for under $18 when they were having a 25% off sale :).
    Thanks again for connecting me, Alex. I began reading through the blogs, but see that I need more free time...great blogs! Hopefully I will get to it after our homeschooling conference, that almost takes as much out of us (pre-excitement, exhaustion, post-excitement) as an international vacation!!