Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chickweed ~ Eat your weeds & ZAP those fat cells!

As the name implies, Chickweed is often considered a "weed" :).

It aids against inflammation , bacterial infections, eliminate waste, and even zap fat cells. FAT CELLS! Yes, ma' am! :) I love Susun Weeds "Chickweed is a Star"...she explains chickweed so well, no need for me to it again.

Best thing is, you can  get it free. Chickweed grows abundantly in the beginning of spring. .Just look down for the beautiful green mounds of green graceful leaves and gorgeous little white star flowers. They are remind me of fairy glens :).  Here in my parts, well, it grows in my backyard! I am blessed. Somehow, it found its' spot, and grows there every year.  In the drain out area, right where the non-existant pipe is.  Chickweed loves warm, damp (not wet) places. The PH level has to be right, so it is quite miraculous that it just GROWS. There is lots of chickweed by the river right now too. I always climb up a bit, you don't want to pick the chickweed the dogs have marked :). You can Google "chickweed" for images to make sure you pick the right thing. Watch for the flowers.

The magic of chickweed can be incorporated into your meals many ways:

1. Chickweed infusion - Stuff a mason glass with chickweed, cover with boiling water, and drink the next day.
2. Vinegar - again, stuff a glass, cover with apple cider vinegar, and let sit at least 6 weeks. Strain & enjoy!
3. Tincture - STUFF  a GLASS!! Cover with vodka, wait 6 weeks. Strain.
4. EAT IT! yes, just eat it. You can chop it into salads, use it with sandwiches...your imagination can go wild.

Here is the thing, Chickweed has a slight "green" taste. Not everyone's thing.

I just made this delicious salad dressing with it, and poured it over Mache' salad with avocados. YUM!
Green dressing

1 giant  handful of chickweed
1 handful of sorrel (if you don't have sorrel, with has a citrusy flavor, use lemon juice)
Olive Oil & vinegar (I use apple cider)
Salt n' Peppa
1 tblsp honey

Mix it all up in the mixer, until all the greens are pureed.


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