Monday, June 25, 2012

Heavenly - Gries Schnitten

So, my Mama is here from Germany, so the German is just pouring out of me!! ;)

Today, I present one of my FAVORiTE will be hooked for ever.

What is Gries? Semolina. Some people here make it with Cream of Wheat, but I recommend semolina.

This is a feel good, and made by feel recipe :).

You will need approx. 2 cups of milk (you can try this with coconut milk, or soy, I am sure), 2 tblsp sugar, and 1/4 cup plus of semolina.

Bring milk to a boil, add sugar and semolina, and STIR. You have to keep stirring, otherwise it will burn. This is where the 1/4 plus comes in. You bring the mix to a boil, then bring down the heat and keep stirring. It should thicken up. For real "Griesbrei", you want the consistancy to be smooth, not runny, but not too hard (If you eat grits, and the Brei is that thick, it is too thick).  If it does not thicken, add more semolina. Make it more delicious by taking your Brei of the heat, then stirring in an egg yolk. You can stop here and have a great meal, just add some berry compott...mmm.


You make it a bit thicker, so your spoon almost stops while you are stirring. Take the finished Brei and put it in a pie dish, and put in the refridgerator. It will become stiff. YEAH!

Now take this stiff Brei, and cut it into wedges. Heat up your favorite skillet with some BUTTER, put the wedge in and fry on both sides. P.S. The Gries Schnitte in the picture is a bit woobly. The Brei was too soft, but we ate it anyways, because it was DELICIOUS :).


Serve warm with compott, vanilla sauce, jam......

Much love,

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