Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bugs bite.......Mama bites back.

My sweet blooded little Goddess came back from camp COVERED in bites...even though I succumbed to letting her use the super duper chemical bug spray this time. Last year, she got off the bus and said: "Mama, your natural bug spray did NOT work on these bugs!".

Anywhooooo...she is back, and now I am here to stop the insistant itch.

This recipe is taken from Rosemary Gladstar's Family Herbal (one of my favorite "go to" books). Can also be used on scratches, so it is good for the scratched open bites too.

Insect Bites
4 parts green clay
1 part aloe vera powder (I omitted this an used aloe vera gel to mix. It cools & soothes, and I had it on hand :)..)
1 part comfrey root powder
1 part chaparral or goldenseal (organic) powder

Mix in a glass jar. Take a little out and mix with water into a paste (I used aloe vera gel instead of the aloe powder) and apply to bites, or wounds. You can add some lavender or tea tree oil, I did not because my princess does not like the smell :).

I will cover the left over paste with some Seran wrap and a rubber band, store it in the fridge. This way, I can easily reapply during the day, and it will be cool :). If it dries, just remoisten with gel or water.

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  1. Very cool! She is lucky to have such a savvy Mama!Sending anti itchy vibes your way!